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Moroccan Tower Solar Lanterns (4 Pack)

Moroccan Tower Solar Lanterns (4 Pack)

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Outdoor lighting is an important feature of any home, but things have moved far beyond the days of a simple porch light. We now want our outdoor lighting to include functionality and looks. After all, a properly lighted walkway or set of steps can prevent a nasty fall!

At one time, adding outdoor lighting would cost lots of money and take long periods of time to set up, but that's all changed in recent years as solar lighting technology has improved.

Thanks to these lovely Moroccan Tower Solar Lanterns that create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to any outdoor, living space!

What you’ll get:

  • Easy to install: They're easy to position on your lawn and require very low-maintenance. 

  • Automatic switching on at night: These Moroccan solar powered lights turn on automatically, when darkness falls and will cast a soft light. 

  • Perfect for your lawn: Turn your lifeless backyard into the ultimate hangout spot in no time with these Moroccan solar garden lanterns. It is perfect for late night chats or romantic outdoor dinners.

  • Working Time: The lanterns give 6 to 8 hours of illumination after a full charge in the daytime.

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