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Beaded Charging Bracelet

Beaded Charging Bracelet

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What if you can have a wearable charger cable, cool it would be, right? Check out this innovative, electronics/jewelry accessory! 

Your phone can die at the most inopportune moments; while driving, on an important phone call, during a long plane flight or worse, when you forget to bring your charger cable!

This Micro USB Beaded Charging Bracelet is the most convenient charger cable EVER. You can wear it on your wrist or keep it in your car, your desk, at work or in your travel bag.
Attach it with the power bank or your laptop and charge your iPhone or Android phones. Never worry about your phone dying, ever again!

The Phone Charging Bracelet is available in a variety of fashionable colors! Choose from; Black, White, Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Green and Light Pink! There's one to match every outfit! 


  • High speed charging micro USB cable

  • Beaded jewelry piece, 23.7 cm length

  • 480 Mbps and 2.4A

  • Charging cable (requires power bank - not included)

  • iPhone Compatible: Lighting USB For Apple iPhone 5 to 7

  • Android

  • Others: Micro USB for Android, SONY, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, HTC, Palm, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola

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