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Automatic Easy Pop-Up UV Tent

Automatic Easy Pop-Up UV Tent

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The sleek, portable Automatic Easy Pop-Up UV Tent creates cooling shade and offers a bit of privacy, while maintaining a spectacular view of the great outdoors. From relaxing on a sandy, ocean beach to lounging lakeside or in a park, this lightweight structure offers an added layer of comfort and protection. It can also be used when watching the kids’ sporting events from the sidelines. A carrying bag comes included, for easy transport and storage.


The automatic pop-up tent has an extended front floor that allows spreading out, whether you're enjoying a picnic or stretching your legs out long, and it also creates a protective layer between beach towels or other belongings and the sand.

What you’ll get: 


  • Mesh window: This automatic pop-up beach tent features a large mesh window in the back, for enhanced ventilation and improved airflow.

  • Quick setup: No need to spend hours setting up the tent. With this automatic pop-up tent you will be able to set up the tent instantly without sweating (no assembly required). Simply place the tent on the ground, and assist it as it gently unfolds into place.

  • UV protection: The body of this pop up anti UV tent is made up of UV protection coating that keeps you safe from the harmful radiations of sun. This camping tent gives extra protection to your body apart from applying sun block creams. 

  • Portable: The folding feature of the tent and its light weight makes it extremely portable. It is easy to carry in your car for your hiking, camping and picnic adventures.

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